Grad Canvas

Year 2021
Technologies React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Firebase, MongoDB, Cloud Functions, Sentry, Cloudinary
React, Next.js, TailwindCSS, Firebase
Project Goal
Introducing Grad Canvas: Developed within a week's timeline leveraging Next.js, React, Tailwind, Firebase, Cloudinary, MongoDB, and PWA technologies. Crafted on the precipice of my convocation, this singular online yearbook platform redefines alumni networking and camaraderie.

This visionary project is more than a digital repository; it's a conduit for graduates, past and future, to forge enduring connections. Grad Canvas transcends temporal boundaries, enabling alumni to perpetuate the essence of their experiences, anecdotes, and shared laughter. It fosters a perpetual thread of engagement, knitting together the vibrant tapestry of individual journeys into a collective narrative.

Empowering graduates to curate their digital legacy, Grad Canvas facilitates the sharing of profile pictures, resonating graduation quotes, and heartfelt farewell messages. Yet, its significance extends beyond nostalgic reminiscence. It serves as an interactive hub, fostering an ecosystem where career insights, job opportunities, and invaluable advice flow seamlessly, cultivating a dynamic network poised for growth.

From reminiscing about past triumphs to nurturing every aspirational step forward, Grad Canvas epitomizes the spirit of enduring connectivity. It is the cornerstone upon which lasting bonds are woven, ensuring that alumni remain not just connected but intertwined for a lifetime. Welcome to Grad Canvas, where every interaction perpetuates the ethos of a cherished journey, immortalized in the digital tapestry of collective memories.