Year 2022
Technologies React, Firebase, Truffle and Solidity on Ethereum Chain
React, Firebase, Truffle and Solidity
Project Goal

De-centralized Real estate web app built using React, Firebase, Truffle, Metamask and Solidity on Ethereum Chain.

There are multiple websites and apps that have been implemented to market real estate properties but none of them have an online system of verified transactions. A seller or a buyer must go through lengthy processes of property registration and ownership paperwork which is usually done in person and has no means of instant authenticated proof on the internet.

RealtyChain solves such limitations by putting every detail regarding the properties and their transactions on a public Ethereum blockchain. This benefits everyone including the users and the law enforcement agencies to keep track of any person or organization’s assets since a public blockchain allows a public view of the activity and assets’ transfer history of a particular address/hash on that network. This technology follows a consensus mechanism that will help maintain the integrity of asset transactions by ensuring that a transaction record (once verified by the majority of the nodes of this network), can never be changed, updated, or hacked, making the logs immutable.