Asim Ali
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Asim Ali

I’m a software engineer specializing in developing consumer-focused websites using React, Node.js, Postgres, and Typescript. I love traveling, photography & music.

  • Front-end React, Redux, Javascript, PWA
  • Back-end Node.js, Next.js, Python, Django
  • Databases Postgres, MongoDB, MySQL, AWS

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Years of

Hello and welcome to my personal space on the web! I'm Asim Ali, a passionate Full Stack Engineer with over four years of experience in the dynamic world of software development. Based in Lahore, Pakistan, my journey in tech has crossed international borders, allowing me to contribute to projects in the United States remotely.

My professional path has been marked by a dedication to creating elegant, efficient, and user-centric web solutions. From responsive UI/UX designs to complex back-end systems, my portfolio is a testament to my commitment to excellence. I specialize in an array of technologies including React, Node.js, Redux, and various database technologies.

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Asim is a Full Stack Engineer with a strong interest in web3 and serverless technologies. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, which has given him a solid understanding of software engineering. Asim has worked in both startup environments and larger corporate settings, where he's focused on creating high-quality web solutions.

Alongside his technical skills, Asim also has experience in design. He's worked with various design and prototyping tools, adding an extra layer to his web development skills. He believes that making a great website isn't just about good looks or complex code. It's about creating an experience that users find engaging and easy to use.

His work combines a careful eye for UI/UX design with strong backend development skills. This ensures that the websites he works on are not only appealing but also function smoothly. Through his experiences, Asim has become not just a skilled developer but also a team player who's comfortable with project management. He's ready to take on new challenges in different tech environments, bringing creativity, technical knowledge, and a spirit of teamwork.

2021 - Present
Challenge in Motion - Remote
Full-stack Software Engineer

● Led the end-to-end development of a virtual fitness platform, enabling 100k+ customers to track and surpass their physical fitness milestones using Typescript, React, Node.js, and PostgreSQL with TypeORM modeling.

● Established a robust CI/CD pipeline, ensuring seamless deployment on AWS. Applied Domain-Driven Design (DDD) principles and Test-Driven Development (TDD) techniques to optimize performance and scalability.

● Ensured a smooth and responsive website experience resulting in a 20% boost in conversions.

2019 - 2021
First Team Real Estate - Remote
Full-stack Web Developer

● Designed and developed a high-performing Next.js property listing website with agent profiles, contributing to over 250k+ property sales and supporting a network of 2,000 realtors with a backend of Node.js and MongoDB.

● Enhanced user engagement and increased conversions by 25% through the collaborative implementation of visually appealing landing using Webflow and listing pages using React Improving site responsiveness by 30%.

2017 - 2021
Bachelor in Computer Science
Forman Christian College (A Chartered University)
2021 - FCCU
Awarded Best Senior Year Project

My senior year project was selected as the best project of that year and Our project poster was on display for the rest of year as an inspiration of juniors.

2021 - FCCU
University RFID Security Vulnerability

Discovered and addressed a critical security flaw in my university's RFID cards, mitigating the risk of identity theft.

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Cantonment, Lahore, Punjab, PK